Leads & Leaders: Growing Your Team (and your GCI) in Today’s Market

with Tom Ferry

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Tom Ferry

CEO & Co-Founder
Ferry International

Whether you’re an established team leader or in the early stages of building your own team...

Your role is more important than ever right now. Today’s challenging market means agents are looking for you for guidance and support, and it’s up to you to deliver in a meaningful way.

Join No. 1 coach Tom Ferry and a roundtable of top agents and team leaders with different sized teams. During this 60-minute webinar, Tom will pick their brains on four crucial topics:

  • How to select the right team model to match your goals and vision
  • Lead strategy pillars that are working in today’s uncertain market
  • Recruiting and onboarding tips to expand your team’s impact
  • 3 important decisions you need to make as a team leader

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