The Top 5 Listing Attraction Strategies in 2023

with Tom Ferry

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Tom Ferry

CEO & Co-Founder
Ferry International

In real estate, listings put you in control. Learn today’s most effective strategies with Tom Ferry.

Today’s challenging market requires new ideas and innovative thinking – especially when it comes to getting homeowners to sign a listing agreement. Discover the most effective strategies to attract more listing opportunities in this free webinar with No. 1 real estate coach Tom Ferry.

As a BONUS, Tom will cover “3 Power Moves Every Top Agent is Making to Ensure Success.” Don’t miss your chance to bring greater clarity to today’s murky market conditions so you can grow your business in 2023.

During this free webinar, Tom will cover:

  • Expert, proven strategies to rip-off and duplicate to land more listings
  • How top agents put themselves in total control of their destiny
  • Insights into how top agents are succeeding despite market conditions
  • Crucial tips to increase your 2023 earning potential

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