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Tom Ferry’s No-Nonsense Midyear Marketing Review

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2023 is almost halfway over, and uncertain market conditions are keeping agents guessing when it comes to what’s actually working to generate new business.

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  • The one goal every successful agent focuses on daily!
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Why you’re winning one sale but losing 3 others – and what to do about it! This session will be all tactics and no fluff, so plan to take A LOT of screen shots of the marketing tactics Tom shares so you can gain the first mover advantage in your market – and dominate the second half of the year!

Tom Ferry

CEO & Founder
Ferry International

When Guaranteed Rate began twenty two years ago, the mortgage industry was entirely set up for the lenders, at the expense of the people who were just trying to buy a home. It wasn’t right.

So we flipped the industry on its head by putting the customer first, instead of the lender. For us, everything was, and still remains, all about providing a better experience for the customer. We are absolutely committed to delivering service so exceptional that our customers can’t wait to recommend us to their family and friends.