The Time Management Transformation Plan

This two page PDF is responsible for saving thousands of hours with a quick and effective strategy to prioritizing your To-Do List. With it, You will never worry about feeling overwhelmed and uncertain again.

In This Transformation Plan, I'll Show You 3 Things...

1. P.I.E. Worksheet

This simple one-page worksheet will help you prioritize your To-Do List with ease. The results will create a hierarchy for your tasks to ensure you're always working on what's most important to your business instead of productivity-killing "busy work."

2. Daily Million Dollar Checklist

Tom Ferry's legendary list of essential activities every agent should be doing on a daily basis. Print one for every day and watch your productivity soar as you complete your daily tasks with greater consistency.

3. Weekly Million Dollar Checklist

To run your business most effectively, there are certain things to do on a regular, weekly basis. This checklist will ensure you don't "let 'em slide," Keeping them front and center to take your business to the next level.

So You Too Can...

Keep your sanity, and take back control on what matters most. To help achieve those goals, we’ll also provide you with a complimentary consultation to discuss your real priorities and help you identify the daily disciplines necessary to grow your business (and your life)!


Let's see if this Transformation Plan is right for you

Taking ownership of your time isn't for everybody. Here's how you can make sure it is a right fit for you and your business:


  • You are an ambitious Agent - Someone who knows you are capable of MORE!
  • You have a lot on your plate - And you think a checklist can help building a new structure
  • You want clarity - On how to set priorities that move the needle day-in and day-out


  • Cheaters - Agents who believe there is a shortcut to everything. "I want a silver bullet solution'
  • Closed-Minded People - If you think you've seen it all. Those unwilling to learn & grow
  • Folks Stuck on a Desert Island - Where time isn't that important and life is good already

Meet Tom Ferry

Hello, I'm Tom Ferry

You are invited to join our community of high performing real estate agents that enjoy changing lives of people around us every day.

My goal over the past 30+ years has been to create a better real estate experience for all – brokers, agents and consumers alike. It all started as a teenager working for my Dad, and that objective has been the driver behind Tom Ferry International since I founded my own company in 2004.

I can tell you there's nothing that fuels my fire more than working directly with real estate professionals to help them improve their processes, close more deals, and in the process, achieve the lifestyle they desire.

I strive every day to help agents and brokers grow a prosperous business while simultaneously balancing — and loving — their personal lives.

I'm humbled to have been named the No. 1-ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200 every year since 2014, as well as the best-selling author of “Life! By Design” and “Mindset, Model and Marketing!”

Join us and together we will develop the real estate business you've always dreamed of.

BTW... it is scientifically proven: Mastering your time will completely change your life... If you're ready for a change to grow (within) your business - you need a plan.

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Turn yourself and your team into super-employees. Have a process for implementing. Get better visibility on daily routines. Get more clients, and be more confident to grow your business.

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