The Ultimate Sales Skills Boot Camp

What is Sales Edge?

It's a fact. Knowing what to say ... MATTERS. And that's why every year, for the last 4 years, thousands of the world's smartest agents have descended upon Sales Edge to learn new scripts, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in Real Estate. Now, it's your turn.

If you're a sales professional, broker owner, consultant, or entrepreneur, Sales Edge is YOUR event. Welcome home.


You're on a Listing Presentation Desperately Trying to Win the Listing ...

You're calling an expired listing hoping to get your foot in the door ...

You're talking with someone from your database to drum up referrals ...

Are you nervous? Supremely confident? Somewhere in between?

When You're in Any Sales Situation ... What You Say Matters!

That's the premise that inspired the creation of Sales Edge.

Success in sales is all about knowing:

  • What to say
  • When to say it
  • And how to say it ...

... to WIN more business!

And those three things are exactly what you'll learn when you spend three days at Sales Edge.

Why Do People Attend Sales Edge?

Most battles are won before they’re fought… Did you prepare? Did you warm up? Did you practice? When you do those things, you’re primed to win the battle. The same holds true for prospecting and converting sales. Sales Edge is all about preparing you so when you find yourself face-to-face with a prospect, you’ve mastered WHAT to say so you can simply be yourself, build rapport and close the deal. Without that preparation, you know what happens… you’re in your head, trying to think of what to say next, and you never fully connect with the human beings sitting across from you. Or you say the wrong thing and shoot yourself in the foot. Three days at Sales Edge will eliminate those costly mistakes once and for all.

How to Bring Out Your Inner "Sales Warrior" ... and DOMINATE the Competition

Being in your peak state is when you perform at your very best…
Sales Edge brings out the warrior version of yourself who confidently proclaims “I am a great salesperson!”

How can that happen in just three days?
Because it’s one thing to be taught a new technique. It’s another thing altogether to actually absorb it and put it into action. You see, Sales Edge is more than a seminar. It’s an interactive workshop where you’ll role play proven scripts with your peers.

Throughout those three days, you’ll gain confidence not only in what to say, but also your delivery. You’ll leave the event full of confidence and ready to conquer your market!

130+ Pages of Ready-to-Use Scripts for Virtually EVERY Situation You Face

Agents who have attended Sales Edge multiple times often talk about their dog-eared workbook that virtually becomes their “Business Bible.” When you attend, you’ll receive a spiral-bound workbook packed with scripts and tips to help you overcome any challenge and win more business!

From FSBOs to Expireds to repeat clients and referrals to Open House dialogues and door-knocking scripts, it’s all in there! The workbook also includes tips for online lead conversion and an entire Listing Presentation script!

There’s even nine pages of marketing samples you can “ripoff and duplicate” so you can attract more business.

The Sales Edge workbook includes pages and pages of Objection Handlers, email campaigns and more, including:

  • 25 Questions to Ask Every Buyer
  • The Exact Words to Overcome Commission Cutting Requests
  • 9 Prep Steps You Should Take Prior to Every Listing Presentation
  • 33 “Embedded Commands” for More Persuasive Communication
  • A 19-Point Marketing Plan for Every Listing
  • And much, much more!

Why You're Likely to Book 3 Appointments During Sales Edge

Your day isn’t over when each Sales Edge session lets out at the end of the schedule.

That’s because there are homework assignments to put what you learned into practice…

And on average, attendees book three new appointments DURING the conference! Imagine that…

Getting out of the office, learning new skills, recharging your batteries… all WITHOUT sacrificing business while you’re away!


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About the Speaker

Sales Edge is presented by Tom Ferry master trainer Bill Pipes. Bill has been active in the real estate industry since 1995 as an agent, speaker, and company owner. Since then Bill has influenced well over 100,000 top producing real estate agents and mortgage professionals across North America.

Bill specializes in helping real estate professionals improve their overall business models, sales and objection handling skills, as well as their lead conversion abilities. Bill has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming which he teaches at events to help attendees increase confidence, presentation skills, closing strategies, and persuasion techniques.

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