Stop Chasing Business. Start Attracting It

Are you sick of not knowing where your next customer will come from?

Your business isn’t healthy or fun…

If you’re constantly wondering & worrying where your next customer will come from.

Imagine if you could eliminate your lead-generation woes…

So you can laser focus on serving your clients to the best of your ability.

Sound good? Keep reading.

Eliminate all the wondering and worrying

The best agents don’t deal with that constant fear and uncertainty of where their next deal will come from.

Instead, they spend the vast majority of their time getting face-to-face with clients…

Solving problems, negotiating contracts and closing deals.

How do you compete? By doing what they do.

You’re capable of it as well. Even if you haven’t realized it yet.

“There were so many options, I really just never knew where to start.”

If this sounds relatable, you’re not alone.

Every agent understands there are a million marketing and lead generation strategies out there…

That’s not the problem.

The problem is being overwhelmed with so many choices…

…and lacking confidence you can pull any of them off…

…That you end up doing NOTHING at all.

Which brings you right back to wondering and worrying.

Learn the freshest digital marketing strategies

After attending Marketing Edge, you’ll know…

…All things Facebook-ads related, including boosted posts, dark posts, lead ads and how to use Ad Manager like a pro.

…How to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity Instagram presents to build your audience and generate high-quality leads with absolutely NO COST!

… Why Google’s ad manager allows you create powerful results on auto-pilot WITHOUT paying someone to run your account or having to constantly monitoring it yourself.

Video hacks, traditional marketing strategies and MORE!

Marketing Edge is packed with powerful strategies to help you attract more business instead of continually chasing it.

If you know your bottom line would benefit from this approach…

Or if you know your sanity and peace of mind would be much improved without having to always ‘worry & wonder’…


Check out these locations and reserve your spot today

Imagine never having to “reinvent the wheel” ever again!

That will be your reality once your Marketing Playbook is complete.

Spending two days with master marketer Jason Pantana will help you build your own personal Marketing Playbook, so you can:

STOP creating marketing from scratch for every purpose


START spending more of your precious time serving your clients.


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About the Speaker

Marketing Edge is presented by Jason Pantana. Jason has built his reputation by guiding real estate professionals through emerging trends in consumer behavior, sales, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Jason has worked with the National Association of REALTORS® as a speaker and facilitator for events and served as the Director of Learning Engagement with a leading national real estate brand.

Jason’s energetic style of delivery and perceptive outlook will inspire you and your team to reach their highest and best potential.

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