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Move over selfies, food pics and vacations... Social media is now a powerful listing tool! In this eye-opening report, you'll learn how to attract more listings using three simple social media strategies: Instagram Stories, Facebook and YouTube! Agents using these underutilized tactics say they couldn't be easier and they're attracting more listings than ever.
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In These Social Media Listing Strategies,
I'll Show You 3 Things...

1. Instagram Poll

When you know the right questions to ask, the Polling feature in Instagram Stories will get homeowners to signal their intent to move WAY before they even think of contacting an agent, giving you the "inside track" to win the listing. We'll teach you step-by-step instructions in this report!

2. Facebook Live

Scaling your business isn't about continuously creating new business from scratch. Instead, it's about capitalizing on the business you already have. We'll teach you one simple Facebook Live strategy that can turn one listing into two, three, or you becoming the go-to expert throughout the whole neighborhood!

3. YouTube Retargeting

Did you ever wish you could deliver a video to everyone who did a Google search for "real estate" or "selling a home" in your area? Wish no more... because you can, and we'll show you how easy it is to take advantage of this high-tech listing strategy and get out in front of the competition!


Use These Low-Cost, Low-Effort, High-Return Social Media Listing Strategies to Get:


Are the Social Media Listing Strategies right for you?

Whether you're an experienced social media marketer or just getting started, these strategies are easy to implement and sure to attract more listings.


  • Agents on a Budget - Who want RESULTS!
  • Marketing-Savvy Agents - Add to your Marketing Mix
  • Anyone Who Wants - MORE LISTINGS!


  • Closed-Minded Agents - Unwilling to try something new
  • Too Many Listings - Those with too much business already
  • No Social Media - You will need social media accounts

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