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Coaching Member Case Study - Zillow / Trulia Online Leads


Learn the Process for Generating $475K in Annual GCI just from Zillow/Trulia Online Leads!

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Ready to learn the exact process that one of our Coaching Members uses to generate $475K in Annual GCI from Zillow/Trulia Online Leads?

In this Case Study, you will learn:

  • This 3 biggest stumbling blocks made along the way (you don’t want to make these mistakes!)
  • How a $4K monthly investment turns into a $475K annual return
  • Screenshots and captures of his Zillow account and reviews ... along with a detailed account of procedure for initial contact and follow-up

Don't reinvent the wheel.

Tom Ferry's Coaching Members earn 10X the NAR average in GCI and in this Case Study you'll learn their secrets to success.