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Success Summit 2020 is arguably more essential than any of the previous 16 years, providing up-to-the-minute training to help you grow your business even in extraordinary circumstances.

On tap for 2020:

  • How to create unstoppable levels of certainty & confidence
  • How to stay “out of your head” and stay in massive “right” action
  • The 7 most effective marketing strategies to maintain trust with your database and scale trust with prospects in your market!
  • A comprehensive marketing plan to generate an additional 7 to 10 listing appointments monthly!
  • The 5 most important trends impacting your business in 2020 to 2022 – and how to get ahead of the curve!

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For 2020

Going on 17 years now, Success Summit has been real estate’s ultimate annual event.

The experience may look slightly different this year, but we promise you this – It will truly be a world-class virtual training event that lives up to the Success Summit name in every way.

12 Ready-Made Million-Dollar Strategies to
“Rip-Off & Duplicate”

We’ve also asked 12 extraordinary agents (solo agents & team leaders) who consistently generate $2,000,000 to $11,000,000 in commissions to share their most important, repeatable and scalable $1 Million Dollar Business Building Strategy. Think about that.

12 agents, 12 strategies shared with you, tens of millions of commission income strategies handed over to you!

Learn from Real Estate Rockstars at Summit!

Andy Tse

2019 Results:
278 homes sold
$480M in sales volume

Tim Smith

2019 Results:
165 homes sold
$382M in sales volume

Joy Metalios

2019 Results:
61 homes sold
$73M in sales volume

Kofi Nartey

Results since May 2020:
$24M is sales volume

Jim Allen

2019 Results:
1127 homes sold
$462M in sales volume

Phil Gerdes

2019 Results:
132 homes sold
$41M in sales volume

Genelle Geronsin

2019 Results:
138 homes sold
$145M in sales volume

Brandi Laffins

2019 Results:
218 homes sold
$72M in sales volume

Kris Weaver

2019 Results:
970 homes sold
$267M in sales volume

Lydia Gable

2019 Results:
89 homes sold
$113M in sales volume

Liz Johnson

2019 Results:
173 homes sold
$134M in sales volume

Nick Fong

2019 Results:
105 homes sold
$53M in sales volume


Your 2020 Keynote Speakers

Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur. Author. Investor. Influencer. Dynamic speaker… Quite simply, when GaryVee talks, people want to hear what he has to say. Why? Because his instincts are strong, his track record impeccable, and he doesn’t shy away from delivering the straightforward advice people need to move their businesses forward in challenging times. The Summit keynote speaker from 2009, Gary returns in 2020 with powerful marketing tips and motivating thoughts to power through adversity.

Joseph McClendon III

Ultimate Performance Specialist Joseph McClendon III delivers proven techniques to go “Further Faster” with your personal and business achievements. A sought-after speaker, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to cut straight to the core of the challenge. Joseph has also partnered with world renowned life coach Anthony Robbins for over 30 years; you may have seen them train together at Unleash the Power Within. Joseph has a mission of making you bold in your ability to achieve the life you desire, and to help you go further faster, now.

David Childers

As VP of Content and Marketing for Keeping Current Matters, David Childers has kept his finger firmly on the pulse of the real estate industry for more than 20 years. You’ve seen him share his expert market analysis with Tom Ferry on “This Week in Housing,” and he regularly contributes to various podcasts, videos and webinars, all in the aim of helping real estate professionals establish themselves as their market’s definitive “go-to” resource. His insights at Summit 2020 are sure to be extremely valuable in such uncertain times.


Tom Ferry Speakers

Bill Pipes
Jason Pantana
Debbie Holloway
Jeff Mays
Yvonne Arnold
Gino Blefari
Alyssia Essig
Jarrod Davis
Marc Prestera
Johanna Fatheree
Greg Holthaus
Emily Kettenburg


Plus many more top real estate professionals sharing their secrets to success in our client only breakout sessions.


Summit OnDemand

Experience every moment of this amazing event and get unlimited OnDemand playback access to:

  • All mainstage content from Tom Ferry, keynote speakers, and the 12 Rockstar Agents
  • Access to 49 breakout sessions from the industry's top minds - over 50 hours of training geared to tackling the truly unprecedented challenges we're facing and how to overcome them

You'll also get a downloadable workbook and access to Tom's presentation slides from the event.

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