You’ll learn:

  • What to say and how to say it to convert more leads, better service your clients and take your business to new levels of success
  • Rapport building techniques that instill trust and create instant connections that turn leads into clients
  • The scripts, sales skills and confidence to consistently prospect and naturally overcome objections
  • You'll even have homework assignments that can result in booking 3 new listing appointments in 1 week

Sales Edge

Early Bird Price: $197
(SAVE $300 before Sunday, Sep 9th)

Pre-Event Price: $397
(SAVE $100 before Tuesday, Oct 9th)

On-Site Price: $497


Day 1 - October 9 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Morning Sessions
Mastery Techniques for Effective Communication
Database System and Marketing
Database Dialogue
Afternoon Sessions
Online Lead Conversion
For Sale By Owner
Traditional Lead Conversion Techniques and Dialogue
Video Conversion Techniques
Day 2 - October 10 - 8:30am to 5:00pm
Morning Sessions
Influence and Persuasion Techniques
Mega Open House
Geographic Farming
Buyer Presentation
Afternoon Sessions
Buyer Presentation (Cont’d)
Your Listing Marketing Proposal
Qualifying the Listing Appointment
Day 3 - October 11 - 8:30 to 5:00pm
Morning Sessions
Online/Digital Rapport Building Techniques
10 Steps to Win Every Listing
Listing Presentation (Introduction and Presenting Marketing Proposal)
Afternoon Sessions
Listing Presentation Cont’d (Pricing the Property)
Listing Closing Techniques
Handling the Most Common Seller Objections
*Agenda order is subject to change


Venue: Rosen Plaza Hotel
Address: 9700 International Dr., Orlando FL 32819
Room: Ballroom CD
Parking: $8 per day

Attendee Discounted Sleeping Room Rate: $159/night
Cut Off Date: September 17, 2018
Book Now: Rosen Plaza Hotel

Time is Limited, Skills are Limitless!

About the Speaker

Sales Edge is presented by Tom Ferry master trainer Bill Pipes. Bill has been active in the real estate industry since 1995 as an agent, speaker, and company owner. Since then Bill has influenced well over 100,000 top producing real estate agents and mortgage professionals across North America.

Bill specializes in helping real estate professionals improve their overall business models, sales and objection handling skills, as well as their lead conversion abilities. Bill has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming which he teaches at events to help attendees increase confidence, presentation skills, closing strategies, and persuasion techniques.

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