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June 23 - 24, 2020

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What is Sales Edge?

Success right now is all about one thing: Your ability to adapt. Adapting what you say. Adapting how you say it. And adapting what you do to keep leads coming in and transactions moving forward.

Today’s different times call for a new approach to sales, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn when you spend two days with us for a Live Online Sales Edge. Let master persuasion expert Bill Pipes provide you with the scripts and tools to book more appointments and keep your business moving forward – even in the face of unprecedented disruption.

Why Do People Attend Sales Edge?

In today’s environment, the words you choose to use and how you use them can make or break your ability to instill confidence, attract new business and keep transactions moving forward.

In this two-day online streaming experience you’ll learn:

  • Our brand-new scripts created specifically to deal with today’s uncertain times. (Don’t worry… Yes, you’ll also learn the standard versions for when things return to normal.)
  • Important rapport-building skills that will allow you to forge trust-based connections with people – even during times of crisis or when diffusing a stressful situation.
  • 6 proven language patterns to write your own scripts
  • The 7 deadly signs of presenting
  • And SO much more!

130+ Pages of Ready-to-Use Scripts for Virtually EVERY Situation You Face

Agents who have attended Sales Edge multiple times often talk about their workbook that virtually becomes their “Business Bible.” When you attend, you’ll receive a digital workbook packed with scripts and tips to help you overcome any challenge and win more business!

From Expireds to repeat clients and referrals to Virtual Open Houses, it’s all in there! The workbook also includes tips for online lead conversion and an entire Listing Presentation script!

There’s even nine pages of marketing samples you can “ripoff and duplicate” so you can attract more business.

The Sales Edge workbook includes pages and pages of Objection Handlers, email campaigns and more, including:

  • 25 Questions to Ask Every Buyer
  • The Exact Words to Overcome Commission Cutting Requests
  • 9 Prep Steps You Should Take Prior to Every Listing Presentation
  • 33 “Embedded Commands” for More Persuasive Communication
  • A 19-Point Marketing Plan for Every Listing
  • And much, much more!


Day 1 - June 23 - 8:00am - 3:00pm PST
How to Adjust to Today’s Real Estate Market
8 Deadly Sins of Presenting – Mindset Matters
Strategies for Optimizing Your Center of Influence
Lead Follow Up and Conversion Systems that Work
Language Patterns to Master Your Scripts
Convert and Close More Online Leads Now
Expired Listings and How to Work Them
How to Connect with People During a Time of Crisis
Day 2 - June 24 - 8:00am - 3:00pm PST
Mastering the Open House – Strategies for Adjusting to Both Virtual and Traditional
Dominating Your Geographic Farm
Buyer Consultations- All You Need to Know
NLP Techniques to Maximize Influence and Persuasion
9 Steps to Win Every Listing
Handling the Most Common Seller Objections

*Agenda order is subject to change

Can't Make It? We've Got You Covered

In case you're not able to "attend" both days, a video recording will be available for playback for all ticket holders for 7 days shortly after the event.

Special price: $249

About the Speaker

Sales Edge is presented by Tom Ferry master trainer Bill Pipes. Bill has been active in the real estate industry since 1995 as an agent, speaker, and company owner. Since then Bill has influenced well over 100,000 top producing real estate agents and mortgage professionals across North America.

Bill specializes in helping real estate professionals improve their overall business models, sales and objection handling skills, as well as their lead conversion abilities. Bill has been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming which he teaches at events to help attendees increase confidence, presentation skills, closing strategies, and persuasion techniques.

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