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June 3 - 4, 2020

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What is Virtual Edge?

This much has become crystal clear lately: Knowing how to connect with your clients from anywhere, anytime is vastly more important than operating out of a brick and mortar office.

The best in the business have realized they can be more efficient and more productive as long as they have the right tools and tactics in place.

Which means it’s time to adapt. (Or update your resume for a career change.)

It’s time to become a “tech-enabled” agent.

You’ll learn how when you attend Virtual Edge, our brand new, live digital event that makes your transition to a more modern, efficient agent easy.

Why Should You Attend Virtual Edge?

Sell more in less time

Without the right tech tools in place to run your business and master your time management, you’re missing out. The biggest impact to your bottom line comes from learning how to digitize your task lists and checklists into your task management system so you can get more done in less time, and ultimately, serve more clients and sell more properties.

Impress your clients more

Today’s consumer demands a smoother, more streamlined customer experience. The tactics you’ll learn at Virtual Edge will simplify the process for both you and your clients. Don’t wait until you’re playing “catch-up” – get ahead of the curve at Virtual Edge!

Live a more fulfilling life

Isn’t it time to stop working 15+ hour days and start enjoying the fruits of your labor? Yes, it is… Plus your business is so much more fun once you figure out how to overcome that challenge. If this hits home, you need to attend Virtual Edge.

Even though this is a “virtual” event, space is limited and it will sell out. Don’t delay!

For now. For later. Forever.

Here’s who Virtual Edge is for…

Virtual Edge was created to provide the tools on how to become a tech-enabled agent in today’s ever-changing world, but it also applies to:

  • Entrepreneurs who prefer to work remotely
  • Agents in “second home” markets
  • Anyone who wants more time in their day, more money in their pocket and more freedom in their schedule

A closer look at what you’ll learn

Here’s what you can expect from Virtual Edge:

  • Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Why Going Paperless is Essential for Your Business
  • Finally Figuring Out the Critical Difference Between Contact Management, Lead Management and Transaction Management – and Why All Three Are Important
  • How to Create Your Own “Tech Org Chart” That Will Simplify Your Life
  • Time Management & Team Communication Strategies
  • Determining What Should – and Shouldn’t – Be in Your Marketing Tech Stack
  • Going “Virtual” with Buyers and Sellers – Video Listing Presentations, Buyer Consultations, Marketing and More!
  • How to Automate Your Business So You Can Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Can't Make It? We've Got You Covered

In case you're not able to "attend" both days, a video recording will be available for playback for all ticket holders for 7 days shortly after the event.

Special price: $249

About the Speaker

No need to be intimidated, says your speaker Yvonne Arnold

The health crisis has made it abundantly clear that you don’t need to be a tech genius to succeed in a “virtual” world. Virtual Edge presenter Yvonne Arnold couldn’t agree more.

As a top-producing real estate agent for 30+ years, Yvonne was an early adopter of “going paperless” and she’s continued to “virtual-ize” her business ever since. She closes between 20-30 transactions annually in her Southern California marketplace – while working remotely six months a year from her second home in Idaho!

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a team leader, she’ll help you discover the right systems and platforms for higher efficiency and better communications with both clients and colleagues.

As a coach since 2009, she’s accustomed to simplifying the complex and providing step-by-step instruction to help you implement the ideas you’ll learn at Virtual Edge. “The tools are out there… It’s time to free up your life a little,” she says.

I'm Ready to "Go Virtual"

Why you should know Yvonne Arnold…

Yvonne Arnold is Co-Founder and REALTOR®️ of The Arnold Group, an award-winning real estate group based in Riverside County, California for more than 25 years. She is also a licensed salesperson in Sandpoint, Idaho since 2003. Keeping her business thriving simultaneously in two states led to her leveraging technology at a much earlier stage than most agents. It’s this “ahead of the curve” perspective that makes her the ideal host for Virtual Edge.

Yvonne is a no-nonsense leader in the business world who has coached many real estate professionals to financial and life success through her direct accountability and ongoing commitment to remain on the cutting edge of new, innovative ideas in the real estate space. She has spoken at many large real estate industry events to share her own wealth of experience, as well as the strategies used by her ultra-successful coaching clients.

Yvonne's clients now include some of the top ranked sales professionals & teams in the U.S. & Canada, averaging $65,000,000+ in sales volume. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, wine, biking and travel. She is married to John Arnold, with whom she co-founded The Arnold Group.

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